Yakbike can be used for what ?

Yakbike can transport euro pallets, parcels, fresh raw food or customised depending on your needs.

Where can i buy Yakbike ?

Yakbike can be purchased worldwide. Contact us to see how we can deliver Yakbike to you.

How much does a Yakbike cost ?

Yakbike price depends on the selected configuration, quantity and delivery location. Get a quote.

Yakbike delivery time ?

Delivery time depends on the type of order and quantity, generally we deliver within 3 months from the confirmed purchase date.

Do you have repair shops ?

Yes, we work with local repair shops. Contact us with us to know more about our maintenance plans.

Can i customise Yakbike ?

For an extra fee you can choose between several delivery boxes, frame and rims colors as well as printing your logo on the vehicle.

Yakbike specifications

Yakbike can ride in bicycle lanes, it can carry payloads of up to 250Kg and has a maximum speed of 25km/h. Contact us with us to get the full spec list.

What are Yakbikes USPs ?

Yakbike make your business more productive, it requires low maintenance, and it's fun and safe to ride.

Where is Yakbike made ?

We are based in western Switzerland. Our engineering and manufacturing teams are also located in Switzerland.

Do you have distributors ?

Yes, we have two distributors in Switzerland, one in France, Italy and Belgium.

Can i become a distributor ?

Yes, depending on the country and on our market entry strategy we may very well need you. Contact us to know if this is the case.

Is Yakbike connected ?

Yes, Yakbike is connected to a mobile phone App via a bluetooth link. The App runs on iOS and android devices.